Problems with your remote control?

Replacing batteries, borrowing controls, searching for them everywhere will no longer be necessary with Blastbot. Control, program and save from an app.

Meet Blastbot, your new and only control.

Blastbot makes your days easier

A solution that adapts to your needs. Connect it to any of your infrared transmission devices and customize your controls.

Increase the experience with Blastbot HUB

Blastbot Hub also has RF (radiofrequency) reception to extend connectivity with more devices.

Compatible with Blastbot Smart Switch.
Radiofrequency 433 MHz ook
Infrared Signal.
Individual Sale.
Sale in Kit.
Infrared Extensions.
Temperature Sensor.
Share Controls
Compatibility with Google Home.
Compatibility with Alexa.

Easy to set up

Just connect Blastbot in your room, download the App and start configuring your controls. In a few minutes begin to enjoy the benefits of automation.

Make it part of your life

Order your Blastbot now in our online stores or locate your nearest distributor.

Technical characteristics

Indicator lightLED
Size and weightHigh: 2.12 cm
Wide: 8.12 cm
Long: 6.68 cm
Weight: 100 g
Included in box1 SmartControl
1 Micro USB Cable
1 5V power adapter
Warranty1 year with the manufacturer