With Blastbot you can replace your physical controls with virtual controls and control your devices remotely from anywhere with your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Control the entire Blastbot family

A single app for all your devices.

Schedule tasks

The application allows you to register multiple tasks with which you can simulate the action "press" on any button of your controls automatically at a specific time

Even if you don't have access to the internet and your outside your home or office, all the scheduled tasks are automatically executed from the internet.

Scenes for your favorite moments

The "Scenarios" allow you to group a series of actions and execute them consecutively.

The action of “pressing” several buttons one after the other, either of the same or of different controls, is simulated.

Example of Scenarios: Movie Night

  1. Turn on TV
  2. Change TV to HDMI
  3. Turn on Home theater
  4. Play in Home theater
  5. Turn on Air conditioner

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